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What is Valorant ?


VALORANT is a tactical shooter with a "precise gunplay" :) 

Teams of 5 will have to plant a bomb and protect it until it explodes, or defend sites from the attackers

A selection of agent is available to extend your gameplay : sentinels are the best to hold sites and for anchoring the opposite team, duelists have the perfect kit to 1v1 anybody whereas initiators are team oriented, getting informations to get full advantage of the opponent's position.

Flashes, grenades and/or stuns will be your best allies and your worst nightmare (with the Run'N'Gun).

Team up now and be ready to hit your best one taps !


info Tournament format:

1st stage: Swiss Stage in 5 Rounds ( may vary depending the number of teams)

games are BO1 ("Best of 1")


2nd stage: Direct elimination tree

games are BO3 ("Best of 3")



rule Rules: Valorant

     Price: 5 CHF


date_range Dates:

Qualifications on Sunday 13/11/22 from 3pm to 7pm

Bracket from Monday 14/11/22 to Friday 18/11/22

Finals on Sunday 20/11/22 at 1 pm(time to be confirmed)

location_on Place: 

All the tournament is online

question_answer  Discord:

important_devices  Bracket: Tournament progress


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